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Abstract Art and shape design is a creation in respect of either being modern or futuristic.

The work is always in mind to enhance viewing for the person who is looking  to enhance their home with a new concept. Artistic energy and harmony with color and shape and sometimes from old to new a technical world of  digital art on Canvas.

I have C.A.D  in Computer Aided Draughting And Design comprising the following subjects.

Terminology,systems,software and hardware,Facilities and Applications,  An Appreciation of 2D,  Parametrization,  3D Wire Frame,  Surface Modelling and Solid Modelling,  Finite element, analysis and the Integration with CAM.

Appreciation of High Quality Canvas Print.

UISart  Fine Art Printing.

Fine Art Trade Guild Approved

Printer Allan Snaith. 

Your Art Order can be sent to your address by

tube  so you can arrange your own framing.




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All design work is subject to copyright.


Modern sunset in orange and mustard with a white view. The sun with its brilliance is peeping through amongst the clouds.

Night and Moon

Modern piece of work in blue and with a moving sea view.  A silver moon sits on the horizon.  The faint star can be seen to the left at the top end of the clouds. The movement  is mainly at the top half of the canvas so the eye catches the above night and moon


Kaffee Restaurant.

A modern concept in abstract  with colors of greens,browns and shading lighting arrangement. You will find a pair of glasses near the bottom of this piece of work.

Out of the blue designers making,  a visit to Basel and being invited to a Coffee Restaurant with people chattering and friendly, of all ages. Lounging in

comfort and in very relaxing surroundings.


Vertical Red White

A nice movement as the top of the design being the starting point.  Consisting of points towards thebottom of the work. 





 Zur Nohn 102

 Eupen Kettenis








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Exhibition in Raeren Belguim 2016 at the wonderful Pottery Museum for Temporary exhibitions.
Lovely people and a great large and spacious room to exhibit in. 
We exhibited in Petersfield UK for three years running from 2014-2017.
Blue Green Moon Sea

Modern view of nature movement. A great wave
with the moon in the background.
Sand and green vertical line work to enhance
the overall view.

Sails in the Wind

An abstract with differant views and appearing into the sky.
Color co-ordinate and appearance of bright days.
A diffilcult piece of work to balance the subject.
Reveal Abstract

Greens, orange, faders like all part of shapes that
show background and foreground motions.
Creating an art form of those influences the application of techniques and techniques of distinctive color.

Day of The JPEG

Picture effects of Greens, pink and a slight hint of yellow and green. An active assessment of the involved color agreement. Combine a combination of comfortable total curved shapes that offer rhythm and movement. Digital design with jpeg-farber results.


Silver Sand

Shape revolves round the center outwards in blues, silver and greens.



A center piece entwined in pink and black on a greenbackground.  Please view this anyway you like as entwined meaning wind round, twist round, coil round,


This is a free impact of movement and shape with freedom of color in reds white, grey orange and yellow.  A tradition of artistic smooth flow modelled into flat and raised color.

Chocolate Mint

A beautiful mixture of color in greens pale brown and cream also in dark brown.  The image is flower orientated as well.